Author I'deyah Ricketts

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Lyla Lyte series author I'deyah Ricketts wanted to be an author ever since she was four-years-old.

Now, at 13-years-old she already has three published books. In 2009, at age 7, I'deyah asked herself what if there were no books? From that very question, the story of Lyla Lyte  was born. Two years later the first published book of the Lyla Lyte series, Lyla Lyte and the Li'berry Fruit, was published.                                                

I love your book. - 9-year old

Students from Harbordale Elementary in Fort Lauderdale, FL created posters and wrote letters to I'deyah. Their teacher, Cari Rodriguez, incorporates Lyla Lyte in her classroom reading curriculum.

Lyla Lyte and the Li'berry Fruit

Book trailer for book #1 (2012)

I'deyah Ricketts

"[A] fast-paced and well-written novel. An impressive story about a girl whose courage transforms a town."

                  - Kirkus Reviews (starred review)