"I'deyah love her book so much. Want to keep on reading it over and over again and again."

                                                                    10 years old

I'deyah Ricketts

Priceless! Just received copy of I'deyah's new book, Lyla Lyte and the Loot Tree.

Lyla Lyte series author I'deyah Ricketts wanted to be an author ever since she was four-years-old.

Now, at 13-years-old she already has three published books. In 2009, at age 7, I'deyah asked herself what if there were no books? From that very question, the story of Lyla Lyte  was born. Two years later the first published book of the Lyla Lyte series, Lyla Lyte and the Li'berry Fruit, was published.                                                

I love your book. - 9-year old

Lyla Lyte and the Li'berry Fruit

Book trailer for book #1 (2012)

"Your imagination is magnificent!"

                                         9 years old

"It's a fantastic book!"

              10 years old

"If somebody told me that I would be glued to a 188 page children's storybook written by a nine year old, I probably would have smiled politely and found a way to introduce an adult topic to the conversation. Unfortunately, I would have missed out on the delightful page-turner cleverly named, Lyla Lyte and the Li'berry Fruit. More than a fascinating storybook, Lyla Lyte and the Li'berry Fruit provides insightful social commentary that will cause even the seasoned reader to consider the effects of technology on our collective creativity. I'deyah Ricketts is indeed a miracle who is destined to change society."
     Dr. Keith Burton, Oakwood University


"I love you. You're awesome!"

                            8 years old

"I love the Lyla Lyte books. I love how the books are so exciting!"

                           3rd grade student

"[A] fast-paced and well-written novel. An impressive story about a girl whose courage transforms a town."

                  - Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

"You are amazing talented  writer and you know what kids want to read because your a kid your self. Keep writing books please because your books are my favorite."                              

                                                      11 years old


"The experience that my class and I had with I'deyah and reading her book was unique and extremely beneficial! The passage was well written and as we explored each chapter, implementing comprehension strategies were simple. My students were able to enjoy a text that was authored by someone that they could closely relate with. Their interest in the text increased once they realized that a young lady their age was the author. I especially enjoyed the opportunity to be able to connect with her live!! It was Phenomenal and very exciting!"
                                                 Natyra  Blount, 3rd grade Mt. Washington Elementary, MD 

"My favorite author is I'deyah. I just love your book Lyla lyte and the Li'berry Fruit. And I am so excited to read Lyla Lyte and the Loot Tree."

                                       3rd grade student

Students from Harbordale Elementary in Fort Lauderdale, FL created posters and wrote letters to I'deyah. Their teacher, Cari Rodriguez, incorporates Lyla Lyte in her classroom reading curriculum.

Author I'deyah Ricketts

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"I love your book. I just read the whole thing.It was so much fun reading it and I loved when you came to my school."

                                                         9 years old

"Since discovering Lyla Lyte during the Broward hosted event several years ago, I have incorporated the book each year as a novel study with 2nd and 3rd graders.  I've created comprehension activities for the chapters to ensure understanding of the material, but more importantly we discuss the powerful theme of the book - reading is knowledge/power!  I also use I'deyah as a role model to show kids are authors too.  We study author's craft, how she uses figurative language, story elements, and character development.  The kids always really enjoy the book and get inspired to read and write!                                                       

                                                                       Cari Rodriguez, Harbordale Elementary, FL

"I want to be a writer like you."

                             9 years old