Lyla Lyte and the Li'berry Fruit
Lyla Lyte and the Loot Tree
Author I'deyah Ricketts
Meet Lyla Lyte
I'deyah appears in the
October 2013 issue of
Buzzz Magazine
I'deyah spoke to
over 100 girls at
the Girls Scouts
Youth Expo
. She
also raffled and
signed free copies
of her books.
I'deyah signs
her book, Lyla
Lyte and the
Li'berry Fruit
for Sherri
Shepard of
"The View"
at the Black
Women's Expo
Chicago Public Schools (3rd largest school district) Office of Professional Learning
endorses Lyla Lyte and the Li'berry Fruit.
I'deyah is
interviewed by Janet Silvera
at Kingston
Pon Da River
Literary, Arts
and Music
Broward County Public Schools, Florida
(6th largest school district)
endorses Lyla
Lyte and the Li'berry Fruit
for its distance
learning program.
Anne Arundel County Public Schools
used Lyla Lyte and the Li'berry Fruit as the
official book for its 2012 summer reading program.
I'deyah is
featured in the July 2012 Time
Out Chicago
- "12
under 12 rising
stars to watch."
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"[A] fast-paced and well-written novel. An impressive story about a girl whose courage transforms a town."
- Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

"She's born to shine and with three books under her belt I'deyah Ricketts is poised for greatness."
- Buzzz Magazine

"I'deyah has crafted a story that brings mischief, curiosity, laughter, and full-blown entertainment."
- N'digo

“I’deyah has taken an inspirational message of reading and indulging one’s creative side to classrooms.”
- Eye on Annapolis Newspaper

“...source of inspiration"
- Chicago Defender Newspaper

“You are an amazing talented writer and you know what kids want to read."
- 10 years old

“Your book has inspired me...I enjoy reading them!"
- 9 years old

“I'deyah Ricketts is indeed a miracle who is destined to change society."
- Keith Burton

“This is a great read for males and females."
- Parent

“Our class loves you!"
- Teacher

“[She’s] oozing with confidence and intelligence.”
- Jamaica Gleaner Newspaper

“You are a true inspiration to our youth. Thank you
for sharing with the Girl Scouts."
- Ronda Williams, Service Unit Manager at Girl Scouts